Office Holders

Justin Luby

Justin LubyPosition: President

Michael Kenny

Michael KennyPosition: Treasurer

Adam Mays

Adam MaysPosition: Recruitment

Parker Thompson

Parker ThompsonPosition: Corresponding Secretary

Troy Peters

Troy PetersPosition: Corresponding Secretary, Secretary

Bradley Barren

Bradley BarrenPosition: Alumni

Alexander Billstone

Alexander BillstonePosition: Secretary

Andrew Shanor

Andrew  ShanorPosition: Sgt. at Arms

Casey Luther

Casey LutherPosition: Vice President

Colton Frost

Colton FrostPosition: Philanthropy Chair, Community Service Chair

Isaiah Brock

Isaiah BrockPosition: New Member Education

Jacob Adkins

Jacob AdkinsPosition: New Member Education

Jefferson Truitt

Jefferson TruittPosition: Guide

John Bechtel

John BechtelPosition: Social Chair

John Fobean

John FobeanPosition: Director of Risk Management

Jonathan Duraj

Jonathan DurajPosition: Chapter Advisor

Justin Rolfes

Justin RolfesPosition: Brotherhood

Matthew McFarland

Matthew McFarlandPosition: Shelter and Grounds

Michael Flynn

Michael FlynnPosition: Director of Academic Affairs

Samuel Bott

Samuel BottPosition: 2nd Vice President, Vice President, Road Chairman